Podcasting in higher education: what are the implications for teaching and learning?

Colin and I worked on this podcast and blog together for EDUC 5105

Tech Diffusion

So Catherine and I decided that it would be great to put together a podcast episode, recording our conversation about the article – about Podcasting in higher education. We would discuss and analyze the study and take a look at it considering various models of diffusion of technology.

We also thought it would be fun to try this out to get a sense of what the instructors in the study we looked at may have experienced when creating their own podcasts for their University.

It’s not overly edited, so the audio recording of our conversation is pretty true to life…real and raw. Don’t expect any academy award level acting here (we will accept any nominations though… ).

We also included some show notes here on the blog with some of the more detailed info just in case you wanted to take a closer look.

For our classmates…we sent out a…

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