To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Talk about implementation dip… I wrote this blog and thought I posted it March 11… and tonight found it still in the draft…. I certainly feel dippy – still learning the blogging process with wordpress … lol… well.. here it is..:)

Following the presentation of Shem, Jeanette, John and Shannon, I would like to share my journey through Twitter using Roger Everett’s Diffusion of Innovation Theory.

One media tool I have more recently adopted is Twitter.  My husband and media were my first introducers.  Later I found out more through my Masters Course at UOIT – while researching for our Media project (with Colin) I found some Political Twitter Cartoons which commented on the 2009 situation with Iran for a class project– we discussed how important Twitter had been to get information out of countries where other means were not possible.  I was pretty impressed with the power of Twitter.



(There are a few other political cartoons shown on this blog too –


I did not adopt Twitter until I started my Masters course at UOIT.  I don’t really like social media overall – ie. Facebook due to my job and general preference for privacy.  I also don’t like the idea of people sharing silly things (unless I know them personally) – I guess the 140 character limit helps with that though.


As a user of Twitter – I am probably at the stage of late majority, though it is difficult to totally discern this while the wave is still unfurling.  At work, only a few people use twitter, while in our course everyone does. With something like this, I think that it is better for me to wait to adopt, to find out all the ins and outs of the technology or in this case twitter, than be at the forefront.  Facebook was a huge concern at the beginning for teachers, but is now becoming more acceptable and mainstream.  I found it funny when my union got a facebook page after previously suggesting that we not use Facebook. I still do not use Facebook.  I might later though.  Twitter does have the advantage of not being used by my students unlike Facebook.

I adopted Twitter because of requirements of my Masters course at UOIT (okay – my Professor made me use it.. lol).  Though pressured into it, I have found uses for it beyond my course work.  I try to read it regularly to get information- from my class peers, and others.   The tweets from the astronaut Chris Hadfield were amazing – especially the photographs and videos.  I was able to share these with my class by attaching my phone to my class Smartboard.  It was nice to be able to model Twitter as well.  When I was watching The Agenda on TVO online while it streamed live, it was pretty amazing that I was able to read the shared ideas of the audience and have the opportunity to respond to what was being said at the time… kind of like our chat option in Adobe Connect when we have classes for our Masters.

Professionally, our school board does not really utilize it as a communication tool.  Email continues to be the main focus of transfer of information. FirstClass – is a rather archaic email system that we must login to each time we want to read our mail – they will not allow us to set it up on our phones to go directly to our inbox.  New conferences seem to come and go – without much notice – as there is nothing to alert one to the changes.  Using twitter would allow for faster and more succinct information transfer – hashtags about particular subject areas you might want to pursue, or projects you might be involved in.  


The problem is that everyone can read your posts – should more control of who sees what, like some of the controls on Facebook would help with its use professionally – I am not sure if that would go against the good sharing ideas of Twitter.


So.. in 140 characters are less…

Diffusion of Innovations -Twitter– late majority– reluctant social media user- academic pressure to use – regular use – variety of applications – pretty cool 🙂

Okay.. I might have used a few more characters..:)


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