SAMR Model applied to StopMotion Technology in the Elementary Classroom

One of my favourite things to have my students create are stop-motion animations. The technology has certainly evolved as has the things that we can do now around this idea.

Using Puentedura’s SAMR model  – we can see how technology has been used to enhance then finally transform the possibilities.

Previously – used quickcam to record stills attached to computer.

Enhancement Levels

a)    Substitution – Use of iphone to record stills – smaller, more mobile, more accessible, files easy to send to computer

b)    Augmentation– iphone app- STOPMOTION- students can create a stopmotion recording by selecting either personal control of shots, or by selecting timing of shots.  File can be saved as a recording.  

Transformation Levels

c)    Modification – ease of use, availability of technology allows for students to totally control recordings.  In turn, this allows for more development of complex story line development, with ongoing revisions/edits to their ideas, and analysis of movies created using stopmotion.  Students are able to share their projects with each other. Teacher takes files and puts into class production.  (Did this last year with the students in the grade 5 and grade 6 classes)

d)    Redefinition –Students take idea of stopmotion to record what they were doing when designing digital art projects: This year, my grade 5/6 class is creating digital art portfolios, showing some of their work in class and on the computer (awesome website for elementary art students – The Art Zone), and are putting it together in Moviemaker (naming their art pieces, and adding music).  I showed them a piece of software to collect snapshots of their works.  When discussing this with them, I expressed disappointment that we did not have anything on their desktops* to record the artwork created on FLOW – the one website that allows students to create moving sections of their created symmetrical patterns.    A student in my class, suggested that we take the digital recording tool in SMARTBOARD tools to gather this recording.  Students are now taking the idea of the stopmotion recordings and applying them in this new context to record the making of their digital art project.


*While I can download recording tools like Jing, students are not able to generally download anything like this on their desktop images.”

Some notes on the side…… 
Beautiful music video using stopmotion.. if you have a few minutes.. you might want to see it.  My classes loved it and is adult friendly (lol)! The photo shown is from the video.

 Oren Lavie – “Her Morning Elegance” (2010)


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One Response to SAMR Model applied to StopMotion Technology in the Elementary Classroom

  1. thomasjoyceb says:

    Thanks for the YouTube video, I really enjoyed watching it. Regarding the Redefinition Phase, interesting how your students used their problem solving skills to continue to create their works of art. Ultimately, transforming their knowledge of one software (technological) function to another.

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